Company Profile

Proteros is Europe´s most experienced and largest biotechnology company in the field of X-ray protein structure analysis and a leading service partner for fully integrated lead discovery. Successful in business since 1998, Proteros collaborates with more than 80 international pharma, biotech and agricultural companies.

Focusing on services, Proteros provides protein crystallography, access to various complementary compound libraries in conjunction with unique assay technologies and medicinal chemistry capabilities to generate novel lead compounds for therapeutically relevant targets.

Flexible business models, no royalty requirements, and the transfer of Intellectual Property to the customer, renders Proteros an ideal partner of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.

Proteros’ products and services comprise:

  • Large collection of Gallery Structures, an established catalog of ready-to-use drug targets for immediate analysis of 3-dimensional complex structures with clients’ drug discovery compounds
  • Customer-tailored Gene-to-Structure projects
  • Proteins for Drug Discovery
  • High throughput Biochemical and Biophysical Screening Technologies for Hit identification and determination of binding kinetics
  • Medicinal Chemistry for Integrated Lead Generation (iLead) based on an unique, inhouse developed protein-structure inspired Libraries and access to a balanced set of complementary libraries

Proteros' competitive advantage is the proven capability of producing high-resolution X-ray data and protein-ligand-complexes using its superior process and proprietary Free Mounting System™ (FMS™), unique Picodropper™ technology, and large catalogue of Gallery Structures.

Based on this platform technology Proteros has established an Integrated Structure-guided Lead Generation process to engineer better leads faster.

By obtaining faster and better structural data, Proteros has set new standards in protein structure analysis.

Proteros is privately-owned and was co-founded by Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Robert Huber, one of the pioneers of structural and functional analysis of proteins.



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