Discovery Pipeline

Starting from its best-in-class structure-accelerated lead discovery platform, Proteros has built a growing proprietary pipeline of lead discovery projects. We focus on the most challenging, innovative, “hot” targets that are highly amenable to our technologies. Our proprietary pipeline currently includes two projects, including a kinase and an epigenetic target.

Creation of a proprietary pipeline of truly novel lead compounds, preferably in oncology and neurology

As a preferred lead discovery partner of the major international pharmaceutical companies, we provide the best-in-class enabling technology platform for structure-accelerated Lead Discovery allowing the design and delivery of high quality lead compounds generating outstanding out-licensing opportunities:

Our proprietary target portfolio originated from a rigid selection process to identify highly disease-relevant and scientifically demanding “hot” targets, which are fully amenable to our approach:

Our proprietary pipeline currently includes two projects, a kinase and an epigenetic target

Proteros has long-standing experience in kinase lead discovery and has built and successfully used its unique kinase-directed approaches to overcome common challenges in the field:

In addition, Proteros has implemented proprietary solutions for the epigenetic target space, ultimately providing reliable results in this highly relevant emerging target class: