Discovery Pipeline

Our proprietary lead discovery projects are clearly focused on disease relevant epigenetic targets in oncology.

The Proteros drug discovery platform unlocks otherwise undruggable epigenetic targets for a broad range of cancers. Proteros is a leader in the new wave of epigenetic-based drug discovery and enables the inhibition of novel and important oncology targets by providing in vivo active lead compounds. 

Key Components of the Proteros epigenetic platform comprise

 - selected novel oncology targets,

 - the epigenetic discovery platform based on Nucleosomal Epigenetic Assay Technologies (NEAT), which is proprietary to Proteros

 - sophisticated discovery technologies for the hit-to-lead process.

NEAT: Nucleosomal Epigenetic Assay Technologies

Addressing the disease-relevant binding sites of large, multi-protein epigenetic complexes with multiple interaction domains is of pivotal importance in epigenetic lead discovery. Fully marked and modified nucleosomal substrates are essential to unlock epigenetic targets.

The NEAT platform enables high-throughput screening allowing sensitive and selective assays. The approach provides better epigenetic substrates increasing both quality and the number of obtained hits, at the same time minimizing false positives inherent to other approaches.   

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Sophisticated discovery technologies

The Proteros team is an internationally recognized established industry leader for discovery technologies. We enable lead discovery for technically demanding targets and comprise premium protein science, structural biology, biophysics plus medicinal and structure-based computational chemistry. Our track record includes projects with most of the leading pharma and biotech companies. 
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The Proteros Discovery Pipeline business model has been created with joint research collaborations on epigenetic targets of common interest to Proteros and its partners. Such collaborations open gateways to innovative and technically challenging targets and represent an exciting and promising new approach to the cancer drug discovery research landscape. 
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Novel Oncology Targets

The Proteros team provides unmatched understanding of epigenetic mechanisms and provides novel molecular targets with the potential to create ground-braking cancer medicines. They are based on specific scientific hypotheses for a differentiation against standard of care and profound target validation. Each target is uniquely developed for every project until “ready to go” for a collaboration between Proteros and its partner. Alternatively, partners can bring in their epigenetic target ideas and concepts as well.

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