Partnered Projects

Proteros' proprietary discovery activities achieved recent validation when Proteros and Atlas Venture co-founded Rodin Therapeutics Inc. with financing from Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center based on Proteros' insights into key epigenetic modulators of CNS function.

Rodin Therapeutics – Founded on Proteros Assets and Applying Insights of Epigenetics to Neurological Disorders

Proteros’ proprietary lead discovery technology gained validation in May 2013 through an asset-centric financing of the in-house epigenetic project with Atlas Venture and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC), which led to the creation of Rodin Therapeutics Inc. ( Rodin’s foundation was based on new insights into key epigenetic modulators of CNS function, privileged access to Proteros' best-in-class structural biology capabilities and a team with deep CNS drug development experience. Rodin has entered the stage of lead optimization based on a unique chemistry approach. Proteros’ high-resolution X-ray crystallography technology has been used to assess the binding capability of varying HDAC2 inhibitor candidates which could play an important role in this indication.

Only 12 months after the seed financing, Rodin’s progress led to the closing of a $12.9 million Series A financing by current investors Atlas Venture and JJDC in May 2014. Funding will be used to propel the work from lead optimization to early clinical development of an epigenetic therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and to finance expansion into additional epigenetic modulators focused on cognitive indications.

In order to advance the Rodin pipeline and discovery efforts, Rodin and Proteros scientists work together as an integrated project team. In addition, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in Boston and Janssen Research & Development, LLC, part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, engage in scientific collaborations with Rodin Therapeutics with the goal of sharing knowledge and expertise to advance novel solutions to CNS diseases.


For further information please see press release May 29, 2014: Rodin Secures $12.9M Series A Financing to Develop Novel Treatments for CNS Disorders

Learn more about the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center and Rodin Therapeutics: (click on 'see cases' and select Rodin to see the video)