Discovery Services

Proteros is a leader in structure accelerated drug discovery services with expertise and proprietary technologies for protein production, protein structure analysis, kinetic and thermodynamic profiling. Leveraging our technologies together with specialist medicinal chemistry, Proteros is an expert in the field of fragment based lead discovery. Our partners include 18 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Business models include long term agreements covering all services, fixed and success-based fees, flexible FTE arrangements, all tailored to the customers’ requirements.

Generating high-quality leads for challenging targets

Our objective is to provide our customers with an access to the highest quality proteins, world class structural biology, an innovative platform of assay technologies and specialized structure-based medicinal chemistry. With a proven track record of transforming screening hits into superior lead compounds, we support our customers in developing tomorrow’s medicines.

In-depth understanding of molecular protein/small-molecule interactions

Three easy business modes provide custom tailored solutions

Gallery Products Catalogue offering of ready-to-use products. Gallery Proteins:
More than 500 different high quality protein constructs available off the shelf.

Gallery Assays:

More than 200 established assays for activity and kinetic profiling, delivering IC50, Kd, kon, koff and residence time.

Gallery Structures:
More than 400 crystal systems established for 150 different protein targets allowing rapid protein-ligand-structure determination.

Assay Development Gene-to-Structure
Made to order service. Proteins by Proteros:
Customized fit for purpose protein supply; comprised of construct design, expression, purification and quality control of the selected protein.

Assays and Biophysics:
Customized development of activity and binding assays including both proprietary and classical methodologies.

Protein Crystallography:
Establishment of systems for routine protein-ligand-structure analysis
Products under establishment Work in progress for new Gallery Products Establishment of systems for routine protein-ligand-structure analysis. Proteros has active programs to establish new Proteins, Assays and Gallery Structures.