Discovery Solutions

Discovery Solutions synergistically combines Proteros‘ Protein, Structural Biology, Screening, Biophysical and Biochemical capabilities into a single service that provides drug discovery services for technically challenging drug targets.

Proteros offers customized and flexible services for identification and delivery of fully characterized compound hits as entry points for the downstream Lead Optimization.

Discovery Solutions Services

Discovery Solutions are offered as



Proteros Libraries

Proteros offers hand-selected and high-quality fragment and compound libraries for screening applications. Depending on the target and customer goals, screens can be performed via either biophysical or enzymatic technologies. Rapid virtual and synthetic hit expansion is facilitated by a partnership between Proteros and the compound library provider Enamine. Combining the screening service with our structural biology (x-ray and cryo-EM) services, hit-target structures can be produced for the most tractable hit classes for lead optimization.



X-Chem & Proteros Alliance

Our new target-to-lead drug discovery services focus on the identification of novel chemical compounds for the most challenging therapeutic targets.

The alliance combines Proteros' structural biology directed discovery platform with X-Chems' DNA-encoded chemistry platform to deliver unique small molecules for difficult to drug targets from hundreds of billions of compounds. Novel compounds can be identified at an unprecedented rate with greater selectivity and higher potency.

X-Chems' industry-leading DNA-encoded chemical library (DEXTM) platform and medicinal chemistry capabilities complement Proteros technologies for seamless early stage drug discovery projects.



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