Discovery Solutions

Our Medicinal and Computational Chemistry team translates protein and protein-ligand structure information into state-of-the-art lead and drug compounds. Together with our expert partners for synthesis, ADME/Tox, pharmacology and DMPK, we provide fully integrated services for structure-accelerated lead discovery.

Customized and flexible service offerings for lead discovery

  • Customized lead generation according to the client´s prospectively set criteria in a Target-Product-Profile (TPP)
  • Fully integrated programs with interlinked capabilities including: protein, X-ray Crystallography, screening/Biophysics, medicinal and computational chemistry, plus fully Proteros-managed external partners
  • Partially integrated programs to support your organization with structure-driven Medicinal and Computational Chemistry
  • Pre-Structured Programs with agreed stage-gated project planning according to TPPs and a fixed fee structure including success-dependent elements
  • FTE-based fully flexible programs: flexible access to our structure-accelerated lead discovery platform including, integration of your required capabilities/technologies to your project team by flexible allocation.

Leverage unique insight of molecular structural understanding into new lead compounds

  • Fast and efficient compound design and lead generation based on protein and protein-ligand structure information.
  • Medicinal and Computational Chemistry interlinked with Protein Crystallography, screening and biophysics, synthesis, and other external expert CROs.
  • Integration of proprietary high-quality target-directed compound libraries
  • Established unique and proprietary screening and kinetic profiling technologies.

For further scientific questions regarding

•    Medicinal Chemistry
•    Computational Chemistry
•    Fragment-based Lead Discovery
•    Kinase Lead Discovery
•    Epigenetic Target Lead Discovery

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