Protein Crystallography

Co-founded by Nobel Laureate Prof. Huber in 1999 Proteros is renowned as the leading provider of structural biology services working with over 70 companies worldwide. Over the last four years our team has solved more than 1,200 protein-ligand structures on over 150 different target proteins. We deliver more than one protein-ligand-structure to a customer every day.

Proteros offers customer specific solutions to accelerate structure-based drug discovery. We provide structure services across all target classes with competitive timelines and scientific excellence.

Structure services with competitive timelines and scientific excellence

  • Analyses of protein-ligand structures with customer compounds based on Proteros' ready to use Gallery Structures with fast and reliable turnaround times 
  • Establishment of construct design, protein production and protein-ligand-structure analysis using Proteros' Gene-to-Structure Services
  • Crystal Optimization by means of the Free-Mounting-System
  • Fixed and success based fees across all project types
  • Access to "Gallery Structures under Establishment" on commercially favorable terms.

Solving highest quality protein-ligand-structures

  • Highly industrialized crystallization and structure analysis platform for weekly support of medicinal chemistry cycles
  • Proprietary crystal optimization technologies that enhance quality, speed and success rates
  • Largest established collection of drug targets and off target crystal systems
  • Co-ownership of synchrotron beamline (SLS-Swiss Light Source, Zurich) allowing regular privileged access

Technical References:
Gallery Structure Catalogue

Crystallisation Service

For further scientific questions regarding  
•    De-novo structure
•    Biologics structures
•    FMS-Crystal optimization
•    Data collection and processing
•    Fragment-complexation

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Director Protein Crystallography
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