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Our highly experienced protein science team combines decades of protein and crystallographic related scientific excellence in addition to broad protein class knowledge. Proteros´ discovery service focus is on very challenging protein targets and customized Gene-to-Protein projects, whether for crystallization purposes, screening, assay development or general drug discovery research.

Proteros’ protein science team expertise includes detailed target know-how in particular in protein- and lipid kinases, proteases, membrane proteins, cytokines, DNA binding proteins, biologics and the proteasome.

For Gene-to-Protein projects you can rely on our experience in having designed thousands of protein constructs for a variety of available expression systems, multi-protein complex assembly, refolding and purification skills.

For companies engaged in Biologics driven drug discovery, Proteros offerings range from multi-construct antibody test expressions, to large scale antibody production based on a mammalian cell-culture platform, and are perfectly suited to support your biologics discovery program.

As part of Proteros´ Gallery Protein Catalog offering, we provide high quality proteins “ready-to-order”.

As proteins are fundamental for Protein X-ray crystallography as well as screening and biophysical profiling, Proteros protein science department is a central part of Proteros integrated discovery service offerings to design high-quality proteins for advanced research applications.

Gallery Protein Catalog

Gene-to-Protein - performance driven customized protein design and preparation

We produce proteins according to your specifications, starting from a gene construct designed for your purpose. Proteros can apply multiple tag variations and defined post-translational modifications, such as methylation, phosphorylation and glycosylation, as well as functional labelling (e.g. biotinylation, fluorescence tags, isotope labelling).

Our expression platform includes E.coli, yeast, insect cells and mammalian cells as host systems. The purification and quality control demands are set together with the customer to meet the project requirements.

After supply of a test-sample, we scale up to multi-mg quantities according to your pre-defined purity, homogeneity and buffer system.


Typical Proteros Quality Criteria

Supporting your biologics program - customized production of antibodies

Our mammalian cell-culture platform is perfectly suited to support your biologics discovery program. Our offerings range from multi-construct antibody test expressions, to large scale antibody production for research purposes. The typical endotoxin value of Proteros´ produced biologics ranges on very low level, between 0.03 to 0.35 EU/mg. Furthermore, the 98 % purity and homogeneity standard is measured and confirmed by running LabChip (registered Trademark by Caliper Life Sciences) and HPLC-SEC analysis.

Proteros welcomes project inquiries related to:


Exemplified multi-construct antibody evaluation

Biologics producible in large scale and purified by Proteros, can directly be used in a variety of advanced research applications, including but not limited to Structural Biology, Assay development, Screening and Biophysics.

Exemplified large scale production of complex antibody format

In terms of biologicals it is important to stress that Proteros can as well produce either the antigen and / or the corresponding biological, in example to use them for Fab – Antigen based protein crystallography structure projects.

Flexible work packages adjustable to project interest including protein crystallography

Biologics Summary

Proteros´off-the-shelf Catalog Gallery Proteins - ready-to-use

Proteros offers more than 350 different proteins available “off-the-shelf” as part of its Gallery Protein Catalog offerings, comprising a broad class of protein targets, including but not limited to kinases, proteases, phophodiesterases, epigenetic targets, apoptosis regulators and growth factors. Loaded with hardly accessable protein in superior quality, and a great variety of available constructs, you can now instantly booster your projects.

With a typical purity of > 95%, and guaranteed homogeneity values of less than 2% aggregation, Proteros Catalog Proteins can directly be used in a variety of advanced research and drug discovery applications.

Customer Benefits of Proteros Gallery Proteins

  • Established SOPs
  • Secured re-supply
  • Defined specification
  • Fast access
  • Flexible order amounts
  • Certificate of analysis with documented quality (Product Information Sheet)
Gallery Protein Catalog

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