Proteins by Proteros

Our experienced protein production team combines scientific excellence, broad protein class knowledge, refolding and purification skills with the experience of designing thousands of protein constructs. Together with a complete range in state-of-the-art expression and purifcation systems Proteros offers prompt delivery of tailor-made high-quality proteins "Made for Science" to support your experimental needs.

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For further information on our capabilities and/or to request a quote please contact:

Dr. Thorsten Hage

Director Protein Production, Biophysics & Screening

+49 89 700761-0


Gallery Proteins: catalog of ready-to-use proteins

We have more than 500 different protein constructs available off the shelf.

With a purity of >98% and guaranteed homogeneity values of less than 2% aggregation, they can directly be used in a variety of applications including Structural Biology, Biophysics and Screening.


Gene-to-Protein: performance driven customized protein production

We produce proteins according to your specifications starting from a gene construct designed for your purpose. Our expression platform includes E.coli, yeast, insect cells and mammalian cells. We are set up to perform multiple tag variations and defined posttranslational modifications such as methylation, phosphorylation and glycosylation as well as isotope labelling. After supply of a test-sample we scale up to multi-mg quantities and deliver at your pre-defined purity, homogeneity, and formulation.

Supporting your biologics program: customized production of antibodies

Our mammalian cell-culture platform is perfectly suited to support your biologics discovery program. Our offerings range from multi construct antibody test expressions to large scale antibody production for research purposes (endotoxin-free, non-GMP). We are experienced with all typical antibody formats such as standard IgGs, complex antibodies, multispecific antibodies, halfbodies, and single-chains. 

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