COVID-19 and Proteros Business Continuity

COVID-19 and Proteros Business Continuity


Dear Customer,


We hope that this message finds you well!


In light of COVID-19; we would like to give a quick update to our customers. Proteros' and everybody’s focus is on the health and safety of our staff and partners; the economy in general and uninterrupted projects and services to our clients, are as well of highest interest.

As mentioned earlier; we have implemented new policies and processes, including social distancing, shift times and workflows designed to protect our workforce in order to be able to continue working on your projects.

These measures are fully operational; in particular Proteros' Synchrotron access as well as protein supply deliveries via courriers continue under the given circumstances.

Project reviews are ongoing for existing projects with new project discussions and proposal generations underway. 

We will keep you informed about any updates regarding regulatory changes on national, regional or local level or other environmental changes that may have an impact on our business activity.


We are grateful for the trust that you have placed in the Proteros team and we will continue to work closely with you and your colleagues.


Stay healthy!


Torsten Neuefeind, CEO, and Proteros Team