COVID-19 update

COVID-19 update from Proteros



Dear Customer,


in connection with the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 (“Coronavirus”) we want to share with you some steps we have been taking to help protect the health and safety of our employees and partners and to continue providing full service to our clients.

We have implemented new policies for teams, functions and laboratory space including shift times and workflows designed to protect our workforce and to continue working on customer projects during these challenging times.


We have also invested in new infrastructure to insure that each employee has the resources to continue working efficiently.

We acknowledge that these policies may have an impact upon response times and delivery schedules and we will keep all customers informed about the potential impact  on their projects.


We encourage you to contact members of our executive or project management team with specific questions regarding ongoing projects at Proteros

We are grateful for the trust that you have placed in the Proteros team and we will continue to work closely with you and your colleagues.


The Proteros Team